It’s Time to Rescue This Nation

JacksonWashington is being run by a cartel of career politicians like Bill Shuster and the special-interest lobbyists who’ve bought them. This cartel has put us in a very deep hole.

Our national debt is $19 trillion, which is five times the amount of tax revenue Washington collects. Yet they can’t bring themselves to stop the unconstitutional spending on corporate welfare and other special interests like Planned Parenthood.

The cartel claims the unemployment rate is only 4.9 percent. But they don’t count the 30 million Americans who’ve quit the workforce because they couldn’t find a decent job. The truth is 7 million good-paying jobs in manufacturing alone have been sent to countries like China and Mexico thanks to bad trade deals that favor multi-national corporations.  For those fortunate to have a job, wages are at their lowest level in 40 years, and a punishing tax burden doesn’t leave much to live on, let alone save.

We must break the Washington cartel this year, it’s our last opportunity.  That means replacing every self-serving career politician like Bill Shuster with true Republicans committed to the Constitution, not the lobbyists. If we don’t, the consequences will be dire: federal taxes will have to be raised even higher on virtually everything, including income, savings, investments, and even Social Security benefits. Funding for our military will have to be slashed at a time when we need to strengthen our efforts to fight radical Islamic terrorism.

Art & girlsI’m a fiscal, social, and constitutional conservative who put my life at risk during a 29-year career in the military. I did it to protect the country I love and help preserve it for my children and grandchildren.  There is no way I am going to let my effort and that of millions of veterans before me get trumped by the politically selfish, fiscally reckless actions of career politicians like Bill Shuster, who care foremost about their own re-election.

It is my mission to rescue America from the Washington Cartel, and I hope you will help me by joining my army of volunteers and making financial contribution today.

Thank you and God Bless you.






Art Halvorson




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