Shuster Caught Double-Messaging

shuster-liesShuster Campaign Caught Sending Conflicting Messages
about Halvorson to Democrats and Republicans

Bill Shuster’s campaign has been caught red-handed sending conflicting messages about Art Halvorson to voters based on their registration.  Yesterday, Republican voters received a slick brochure in the mail dishonestly claiming that Halvorson is a “liberal”. The piece deceptively and falsely portrays Halvorson as sharing Hillary Clinton’s position in support of amnesty, among other distortions. The truth is that Halvorson is staunchly opposed to amnesty, while Shuster voted in 2014 and 2016 to fully fund Barack Obama’s executive amnesty program, as well as refugee resettlement and sanctuary cities.   Meanwhile, Shuster’s campaign is simultaneously promoting a website targeted to Democrats informing them that Halvorson is a conservative.


“Only a corrupt, career politician like Bill Shuster would be arrogant enough to think he could get away with dirty campaigning like this,” said Halvorson spokesman Joe Sterns. “Shuster can’t defend his record of being in bed with special-interest lobbyists and supporting their priorities, so instead he chooses to smear a highly decorated military veteran with unimpeachable integrity and core values that match the 9th District.”     Shuster still hasn’t given the voters a direct explanation as to why he:

♦  Voted for the infamous Wall Street Bailout of 2008 (H.R. 1424, #681);

♦  Voted to re-authorize and fund the Export-Import Bank, a petri dish of corruption that funnels Middle America’s hard-earned tax dollars to corporate welfare for global businesses (H.R. 597, #576);

♦  Voted in 2014 and 2016 to fully fund Barack Obama’s amnesty program, as well as refugee resettlement, sanctuary cities, and Planned Parenthood. (H.R. 83, #563)

♦  Voted to give Obama authority to fast-track “free trade” agreements with Pacific Rim countries, e.g. “Obamatrade” (H.R. 1314, #362);

♦  Voted five times to raise the debt ceiling by a total of $3.4 trillion.

♦  Eliminated safety inspections for small passenger vessels in the Virgin Islands, then collected $33,000 in campaign contributions from the charter industry.

♦  Collected $146,000 in contributions from the freight rail lobbyists to delay the implementation of “positive train control” technology until 2018, which was responsible for the New Jersey train crash last month that killed one and injured 100.

“It’s time to drain the swamp and implement term limits, so we can put Washington to work for Main Street instead of Wall Street,” Sterns said.

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