RINO PA Congressman Plotting Election Heist

Conservatives across the country were jubilant last week at the announced retirement of Pennsylvania RINO Congressmen Charlie Dent (pictured above, left), who Mark Levin’s Conservative Review has rated as one the 25 most liberal Republicans in Washington. But that jubilation has been replaced by outrage at the unearthing of Dent’s cunning plot to crown his successor by robbing Republican voters of their choice in the matter. How can he possibly pull that off, you ask? It’s unfortunately quite simple, thanks to Pennsylvania’s Swamp-friendly election code. When a congressional seat in the Keystone State becomes vacant, Democrat and GOP bosses hold closed-door meetings to handpick their nominees, respectively, for a special election. But Dent’s seat isn’t vacant, you note.  Not yet, it isn’t – but several sources have confirmed that Dent will be resigning and triggering a special election.  The power brokers who run the Republican Party within each of the five counties in Dent’s district will handpick delegates to a closed-door meeting to select the GOP nominee – which will be Dent’s pal, state Representative Ryan Mackenzie (pictured above, right). Or at least that’s how the party bosses intend for the plot to unfold.  Can RINO Dent and the Swamp be stymied?  Yes, but it requires enough grassroots Republicans doing something they are unaccustomed to in politics: playing hardball. They must let it be known loud and clear that unless the delegates to the closed-door meeting are picked via a lottery system among GOP voters, then they will write in “corrupt” in the voting booth, rather than vote for Ryan Mackenzie. # # #
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