Truth About Art Halvorson


Setting the Record Straight Yet Again

One of the reasons that I am running for Congress is to try to break the pattern of entrenched career politicians.  We elect local people to represent us in Washington, but after arriving there, they change.  They fall in love with their power and will do anything to keep it.  That is why I have self-limited to three terms.

Bill Shuster’s recent failed attempt to label me a racist is a perfect example.  He has taken a tactic from Obama, calling anyone who dares question or challenge him as a racist.  His fabricated charges of racism also follow his fabricated claims that I took farm subsidies, that I am not pro-life, and that I would vote with Pelosi and Reid.  Bill Shuster has shown that he will say the most blatant untruths, and will try to deceive the voters, in a desperate attempt to keep his seat.

What Bill Shuster won’t talk about is his record.  Instead, he talks about what he will do in the future, but never about what he has done.  He says that, instead of focusing on his failed record, we should all focus instead on the Republicans gaining the Senate and the White House.  But what is his plan if the Republicans fail to gain the Senate?

As an experienced leader, I do have a plan.  The Republicans in the House can act decisively right now, not wait for some uncertain event in the future.  The Constitution gives the House the power of the purse, which is the single greatest power in Washington, and the Republicans should exercise that power to effect change now.

When elected, I will focus on four objectives.  First, I will join other like-minded members of the House to change the Republican leadership.  We need leadership that has a plan to fix problems now.  Second, I will push for repeal of Obamacare and replacement of it with a free market, patient-centered alternative.  Third, I will insist on limiting the deficit and paying off the national debt with my plan of “Cap-Balance-and-Grow.”  That is, we should cap federal spending, balance the budget, and grow our economy.  Fourth, I will demand that Congress support economic growth and jobs, including jobs here at home in our District, by reducing the growing mountain of oppressive government regulations that strangle small businesses and farms.

In addition, I will steadfastly oppose bad ideas like the Vehicle Mileage Tax, an idea that is near to the hearts of Washington liberals, and an idea that Bill Shuster has described as the “only way” to address transportation issues.  It is a terrible idea, not only because it is a new tax, but also because it punishes people like us in rural counties and is yet another major government intrusion into our personal lives.

I hope that the voters of the 9th District will choose leadership on May 20th over “clout” and sleazy politics. Our nation needs a change, and we must start here, in our district, by electing someone that is more committed to the truth than to their own power.

Mr. Shuster doesn’t want to talk about his own record

Mr. Shuster has launched another smear campaign based on false accusations and twisted wording. The mailers and television ads try to undermine my position as an authentic Conservative, because Mr. Shuster doesn’t want to talk about his own record.

These false charges are just another smokescreen from an incumbent who is willing to say and do anything to retain his power in Washington. The voters are tired of these deceptive attacks, and they want to see their candidates focus on the real issues.

I am 100% pro-life. I have signed pledges to never raise taxes. It is beyond absurd to even suggest that I would support the agenda of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. These attacks are pretty ridiculous coming from a Republican incumbent praised by liberal Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) for his moderate views.

I look forward to facing Mr. Shuster in the upcoming debates. It is unfortunate that he continues to practice this brand of character assassination that I would expect from a liberal, not a Republican.  I hope voters in the 9th District will see past the smokescreen and judge the candidates by their record, their experience, and their values.

Farm Subsidies

Congressman Shuster didn’t even take the time to read the documents he is using against Art – these documents are for Art’s cousin and the farmer who rents Art’s farmland! Art has never received a dime of cash subsidies for his farmland in Iowa and the Bedford property came with the subsidies already in place. Art allowed the subsidy to expire in 2012, and donated all the $2500 to charity. Art Halvorson wants to get government out of our lives and work for YOU in Congress – that’s the TRUTH.

EWG Farm Subsidy Database Report – Iowa Subsidies
Transfer on Purchase of Bedford Property –

Congressman Shuster’s television attack ad

Mr. Shuster has doubled-down on his commitment to avoid talking about the real issues facing America, releasing a television ad which blatantly misrepresents the facts to avoid his big-spending record. First, I did not receive a dime of subsidy money for my farmland in Iowa. He  deliberately confuses agricultural subsidies with cash payments. This is like saying I received cash subsidies because I drive on an interstate highway built with tax dollars.

Second, the transfer agreement for my farm in Bedford, PA came with the subsidy in place from the prior owner. I did not initiate the subsidy. I let it expire in 2012, and I donated the $2500 payment to charity.

Finally, Mr. Shuster continues to ignore the facts about the district and this nation. In America today, we cannot drive on the roads, we cannot transfer property, we cannot do anything without the long, powerful arm of the federal government reaching into our lives. Subsidies are a part of the big-spending federal government, and they continue to jeopardize our children’s future. It is unfortunate Mr. Shuster is hiding behind his cartoonish misrepresentations, instead of meeting me face to face to talk about the direction of America.


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