Halvorson Retains Attorney Marc Scaringi

Shuster Cartelx298Art Halvorson announced today the hiring of Attorney Marc Scaringi, of the Law Offices of Scaringi & Scaringi, PC based in Harrisburg, PA, to represent him in the matter regarding the Shuster campaign’s bogus harassment charge.

Bill Shuster has a record of putting young staffers up to doing his dirty work, as we saw with Joshua Juda.  Juda told the press that in 2003, Shuster directly told him on multiple occasions to spy on primary opponent Michael DelGrosso. “There are certain levels of intimidation when you work for a U.S. Congressman,” Juda told The Daily Herald. “They asked me to do things that I didn’t feel comfortable with.”

All legal questions should be directed to Attorney Marc Scaringi, as the Halvorson Campaign is focused on ending the corrupt Shuster Dynasty and restoring conservative leadership in Washington.

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