The Shuster Record

Bill Shuster is a career politician and card-carrying member of the Washington Cartel who has repeatedly sold us out to special interests and violated our trust.

Bill Shuster is Owned By Special Interests

Congressman Bill Shuster likes to say he works for his constituents. But the money trail of his campaign funding, coupled with his voting record, suggests something entirely different.

According to the campaign finance monitoring website Open Secrets, Bill Shuster has so far raised over $1.9 million for his campaign for yet another term, his ninth. Of this, only $7160 was listed as “small individual contributions.” In other words, less than 0.03% of Shuster’s money comes from small-level donations, while the rest almost exclusively has come from deep-pocketed special interests and donors.

This explains a congressional record for Shuster that is badly out of step with his constituents’ values.

Bill Shuster’s Report Card:  Straight F’s

Heritage Action, Conservative Review, and the Club for Growth are the most trusted taxpayer watchdog groups in America. They grade congressmen on their voting records, and here are Bill Shuster’s most recent marks:  47%  – Heritage Action 49 % – Conservative Review
61 % – Club for Growth

Bill Shuster’s Voting Record:  Betraying our values

Bill Shuster voted for the Wall Street Bailout.
Bill Shuster voted to fund Obama’s amnesty plan.
Bill Shuster voted to fund Planned Parenthood.
Bill Shuster voted to raise the national debt by $3.4 trillion.
Bill Shuster voted for Obama’s Cash for Clunkers.
Bill Shuster voted for Obamatrade.

Bill Shuster’s Corruption

Bill Shuster pushed for a radical overhaul of air traffic control, which was proposed by an airline lobbyist with whom he was romantically involved.  Shuster refused to recuse himself from the proceedings on this legislation even after the news media reported the conflict of interest with his lobbyist girlfriend. Worse yet, Shuster received $20,000 in contributions from the airline industry who hired her to lobby him. This bad legislation gave corporate aircraft an exemption from user fees, which means Middle Class America would once again be paying for the wealthy.

 Get the facts:  Post-Gazette article, “Legislation tainted by Rep. Bill Shuster’s relationship with airline lobbyist”

Bill Shuster slipped a provision into a military bill that eliminated safety inspections for many small passenger vessels in the Virgin Islands. The Coast Guard opposed the move, but Shuster proceeded anyway. The charter industry promptly repaid him with campaign contributions totaling $33,000.

Get the facts:  Politico article, “Shuster aided Virgin Islands—then asked for cash.”

Bill Shuster’s Dirty Campaign

With no defense of his liberal voting record, Shuster has resorted to smearing Art Halvorson, a decorated  military veteran who risked his life for our country.  Shuster’s outrageous lie that Art Halvorson received ethanol subsidies was called out by as “The biggest whopper”


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